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Standort PAKUFOL

About us

Got a clearer understanding of plastic film than us?
Almost impossible!

Being a sustainable plastic film producer – a core value from the start

PAKUFOL has been on the market since 1986. And right from the very beginning, we have been spearheading the way when it comes to the sustainable production of plastic film. We operate a strict closed loop system to make our range of products. This means that we accept old plastics, sort and recycle them, and then use the recycled materials to create new, high quality products – primarily all kinds of plastic sacks. In other words: what other plastics processing businesses are now calling ‘novel developments that capture the zeitgeist’ are something that has always been part of our company and our philosophy. And we can prove it as well. Our products have continuously had Blue Angel accreditation for over 30 years now.

PAKUFOL – a history full of milestones

Everything from one company. At one business location

We stand for transparency and quality made in Germany. Throughout the whole of our processing and production system. This starts with the incoming material: old plastic film. Even here, we make sure that the majority of the material we receive comes from Germany so that transportation distances are reduced and the most is made of the plastic resources that we have here in the country. The raw material that arrives at our plant is efficiently separated into groups, sorted, shredded, washed, melted down and then transformed into new, top quality pellets. We have perfected each individual step of this process over the years – creating a standout USP for our customers. Whether it be our complex wash process, the homogenisation of the various intermediate products or the multi-stage procedure we use to filter the melted materials: each of these processes is unique within our sector. This also ensures that our pellets are themselves of a unique quality so they can be used as a raw material to manufacture our products. What’s more, all steps of this process are carried out at one single business location in the middle of Germany – creating a transparent and accountable system. As a result, we have full control over the quality of both the pellets used and the plastic film products made from them.

Find out all about our closed-loop process in the section on sustainability

We produce everything – from classic refuse sacks, to recycling sacks, all the way through to special drawstring sacks. Take a look at our product range.

Our services are just like our production: comprehensive and sustainable

If we wish to offer pioneering holistic systems, then it only makes sense to take our customers with us. Besides our plastic film operations, we are also able to offer you a full range of services that covers all aspects of our plastic products – these include:

Bespoke advice

If you wish, we can help you define the exact properties that your plastic film needs to have and then manufacture bespoke products for you.

High levels of flexibility

Whether it involves making goods according to samples or developing a completely new product: we can react quickly to every enquiry and supply the goods quickly, too. In large quantities as well.

All-round support

If you wish, we can draw up a closed-loop concept for your business so that we take your old plastic film back from you and then use it to make new products for you.

Pellet deliveries

Do you need high quality recycled plastic pellets to make your own plastic products? We can supply you with the materials you need. No matter what the formulation.

Are you interested in our products or in working more generally with our company? Then why not get in touch with us now?!

A part of the REMONDIS Group. Making us even more innovative

We have belonged to the REMONDIS Group for several years now. This group has dozens of specialist firms and is one of the world’s leading recycling, service and water companies. Thanks to the direct access we have to the group’s know-how and plant technology, we will be able to continue to provide our customers with the highest levels of support – and importantly long-term support – in the future as well. Moreover, we are also able to call on REMONDIS’ experts whenever we need them to help us further develop our recycling and production processes to make them even more sustainable.

Living and breathing quality. Documented in black & white

We do our utmost to live up to our own stringent quality and sustainability standards each and every day. Our customers are well aware of this as they have seen us at work. And we would like to invite everyone else to get to know us and find out for themselves just what we have to offer. If you’re interested in learning more about our company, then why not start by taking a look at our certificates here.

Energy management

We have been operating an accredited energy management system at our business in line with DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2013. And energy management is not just something we have on paper. We devote a great deal of time to this subject as can be seen by the numerous energy-relevant measures we have introduced. Whether it be using the waste heat from our machinery to heat our buildings, replacing our lights and motors with systems that are far more energy efficient, purchasing new compressors or installing electricity meters in all of our facilities. Our DIN EN ISO 50001 energy management certificate


Our business was first audited and accredited in line with the EuCertPlast certification system for European plastic recyclers in 2013. This certification confirms that both our plastic recycling facilities and the quality of our work meet its standards and that all of the waste plastic delivered to our company is recycled (if it is recyclable) in an environmentally compatible way and in accordance with all rules and regulations. Our EuCertPlast certificate

Packaging Ordinance

Our recycling plant also needs special certification as we process sales packaging that is covered by the German Packaging Ordinance [VerpackV]. This means that we have our operations audited every year to check they meet the requirements of the German Packaging Act [VerpackG] and the audit guidelines for systems required to keep volume flow records [Prüfleitlinien Mengenstromnachweis Systeme]. Our VerpackV certificate

Blue Angel

We have been permitted to use RAL’s Blue Angel ecolabel since 1991. The Blue Angel label helps consumers to buy products that are particularly environmentally friendly throughout the whole of their life cycle. Our products meet RAL’s criteria as they are made from recycled waste plastic film. Our Blue Angel certificate

PAKUFOL Folienprodukte GmbH // A company of the REMONDIS Group